Contests and events can be made more enjoyable through instagram

We know that Geotagging, providing inside look, using hashtags, encouraging user images etc and sharing it with instagram are effective ways tobuy active instagram followers, but there are also other creative ways with which you can conquer the attention of followers.

Contests and prizes always had its charm. Who do not feel excited and happy when he wins a prize? Even if the prize is not something big, the attraction of winning is something that makes us elated and proud. Instagram, the weapon of facebook is a good tool to conduct a photo contest in a thrilling way. The contest can be turned to your advantage by making it a tool to promote your product or company. You can ask followers to send you pictures of them using your brand product. The winner will be the one who sends the most effective photo. A creative person can use different tactics to increase participation. A contest employing instagram will definitely have many followers and these followers will attract other followers.

Marketing your events is a good idea to grab the trust of the followers. If you are at a trade fair or meeting, why not snap some pictures and tag it with instagram to give your followers an idea of where you are and what you are at. Followers will feel privileged when you do so and they will be thrilled further if you offer them a discount specially arranged for VIPs.
Facebook acquired instagram for the huge sum of $1 billion, which is enough proof of the value of the modern tool. It is an inevitable part of current social media and when you make it your marketing tool it will undoubtedly benefit you. People like to get involved in the production process of the businesses they love. This is a period of sharing and some good images taken on camera can take you very far. Buy real instagram followers from dependable websites to increase your followers. click here to get more information buy real youtube subscribers.

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