Finding Fact in Facebook fans

The new frenzy called social media marketing has made advertisers go mad with new tools of such social media to get advertised. It’s not wrong to call it madness because advertisers are failing to see what the real result such hype has created and was there any easier alternative for it. Latest on the go of these tools making headlines are Buy facebook likes or fans. Advertisers failing to create audience are opting for this unethical way to promote themselves. However they don’t understand even after such why they still fail to become popular.

When one buys these likes and fans they actually get some people to hit respective likings for money. This purchased audience neither like the promoter nor are neither interested in their updates by following them. Advertisers by having such fake audience in huge numbers try to elucidate others in visiting their page and popularizing it. Well, say we really start getting audience by this effort, are they going to generate any business for us? An advertiser fails basically because his content is not worth enough to get promoted on its own. In such a situation facebook likes can only get visitors to page but not create revenue. Without understanding this fact, companies are spending time in drawing room deciding on strategy to increase facebook fans instead quality of company. Also when genuine customers come to know about such unethical way of marketing, companies tend to break their goodwill in market. Social media sites do not encourage such activities and when they get to know about such fake likes, the advertiser will be banned from accessing such sites. Social media keep doing checks to curb such unauthorized activities.
To conclude, you buy Facebook followers and only end up making company selling suck likes and followers make money. For advertiser, money is lost with reputation at stake and no real benefits. Create a true market and a real value without falling for such shortcut tactics.
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