Fire alarm maintenance and its type

Conventional fire alarms
This system is good for domestic use or for the small retail business. It maintenance can be easily performed by the team of fire alarm maintenance london. Moreover, it works well in alerting and indicating the fire emergency services.

Addressable fire alarm system
In the places where you need more technical than traditional fire alarm system, the addressable fire alarm system is installed. It used for the multi-use building where various organizations are working at different time.
Wireless fire alarm systems
In some places the installation of wired fire alarm system is not desirable may it be because of difficulty in fire alarm maintenance or lack of place. So, wireless fire alarms are there which can be installed in place of wired fire alarms system.
The cutting edge technology of the system will instantly detect the smoke, fire or heat that is building up in that place. Alerting the people of the danger and triggering the water sprinkler system, opening the automatic doors and notifying the emergency service about the incident. The highly skilled engineers are there to install the safety system as per your need, independent of the job site. DRAM is the specialist installer of large scale safety systems in various sectors, business, domestic and industrial, hospitals and care homes. Moreover, the fire alarm maintenance is also provided at the regular interval.
Monitored system
It is a first priority to have a reliable fire alarm system in your place. After that, great importance should be given to the response of fire alarm system when it is out of working hours. With small fee your fire alarm system can be connected other renowned Dualcom networking communicators to ensure that fire brigade or other party is contacted instantly at the time of catastrophe which occurs during the odd hours when no one is there to indicate or take proper measure against the fire.

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