Get to know more about the real super star, C.T. Fletcher

CT Fletcher is a media personality. He is also an actor. He is one of the renowned, power-lifters too. He is best for his age in the American power lifting tournaments. He was born in 1959. Bench press is his favorite. He is three times champion in the world championship events for bench press. C.T. Fletcher height is almost close to 6 feet. His weight is about 100 kg. He has his official YouTube channel where he is training people.

Growing up as a son of a preacher was really difficult for him during his early childhood days. By the time, he was in Junior High School his parents moved to Lakewood in California. C.T. Fletcher’s father was able to purchase his own church. His brother volt and mother was the choir.
Their parents were so strict. To endure the spanking from his parents for him and his brother was really tough. They try to work in gas stations but his father was pulling them back to church again. Around 18 years he was able to join the US Army. C.T. Fletcher was stationed in Germany at that point of time. C.T. Fletcher got married to his girlfriend at that point of time. The girlfriend was his classmate during the school days. He got trained in martial arts in Germany.
In the year 1979, he got black belt for karate. It was a second degree Black Belt. Bruce Lee was his role model at that point of time. The second role model was Muhammad Ali. He tried to get many jobs but finally landed in the US Postal Service. What do you grasp from the story of CT Fletcher? You will learn important lessons when you are going to read the real story of CT Fletcher. He is one of the best weightlifters of all the time.
He is called as iron man. But still he was not able to maintain his health well for long time just because of only one reason. That is nothing but improper diet. The food style was not good enough for him to stay healthy for long time. He got hospitalized in the age of 42. Iron addict gym is being opened in Australia and in many parts of the world. He is recovering now. Visit any good website to know about Who is C.T. Fletcher? Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Wife, Son, Height, Weight.

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