Hierarchical Online Discussion Forums Have Proximity to the issues

Virtual communities like terms were unheard things before the advent of the internet. Technology advancement and internet development in particular, has changed the scenario of virtual existence. Today, you may find number of virtual communities dwelling in the world wide web across the world in the form of chat rooms, internet forums, discussion groups, and more. This is the way for people to interact on any matter. Chat rooms are meant for generally short texts, but discussion boards and internet forums discuss details about the subject matter. A single conversation in the forum is called a topic or thread as specific term.

Structured online discussion forum
Every group has its own identity and a specific structure which makes this group to work in most efficient manner. Many virtual discussion groups have emerged since advent of internet technology, but all don’t work in the same manner. There are groups which are popular and a few others have been developed, but their constitution and purpose is not very specific. Well-structured online discussion forum has an influence because of its well-defined purpose and with off-springs to carry on this purpose.

The hierarchy of structured online discussion forum is a tree-like structure having branches in the form of sub-forums to deal with several different related topics. For instance, if an online forum relates to medical facilities in the city, it can be discussed through sub-forums for various type of facilities such as hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, facility of specialist doctors in the city, and more related issues. Each new discussion under forum’s topic is called a thread which can be accessed and responded by multiple members. The forum hierarchy is important to pool people of specific knowledge and interests on one place in the sub-forum.
Structured hierarchical discussion forums have been successful in creating a scenario of more purpose fulfilling forums for the benefit of the society.
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