How to Stretch Your Ears Safely – The Complete Guide

Uncertain How to Stretch Your Ears?
Then you are in the right location! ear stretching may look good and be simple to reach, but if you do not understand what you are doing (and I did not, once I started), then you might be in for a good deal of pain and distress and also do permanent harm to your ears. You do not need that! You would like to maintain your ears fantastic for years to come.

Done right, however, it is a totally secure procedure with minimal discomfort. So long as you are careful and patient, you need to be able to extend your ears to whatever dimensions you are after with no play. And when you’re done, allow the compliments roll!
Standard ‘I’m not a physician, this isn’t professional medical advice’ disclaimer applies to all of the information on this site. I’m also not a piercer! I am just a mean person who extended their ears and made mistakes and learned things along the way. That is just exactly what I figured out myself.
If something around your ears is which makes you stress, get back to a physician! You don’t wish to have anything horrible and permanent happen for your ears since you dismissed a gut feeling of something being wrong.
Piercing Suggestion:
Have not had the piercing that you wish to elongate done yet? Then you have got a chance to make ear stretching simpler by going into a professional piercer and requesting them to pierce it in a bigger estimate. Piercing needles go as much as some 10g, and a needle piercing will depart less scar tissue compared to a gun piercing, so which makes it simpler to stretch!

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