Important tips for life hacks

Here are the study tips which can be included in your habits.

• Go outside

Nature can offer you an essential thing to boots your mental and physical well being. Taking short breaks between your studies and going out is good life hacks to improve the short-term memory. A study conducted in the University of Michigan, students were divided into two groups. One group was taken to the city and another group was taken to the arboretum. When the participant returned and did the test, the group which walked around the trees performed better than the ones who were taken in the city sight.

Moreover, walking outside in the placid environment near the trees also helped to restore the mental energy. Your mind backs into gear which is a school hacks, exposed to the restorative environment, which means great outdoors. One study showed that people mental energy increase again when they looked at the pictures of nature.

The other benefit of going out is that it reliefs the stress. The study has shown that students sent to the forest for two nights had the lower level of cortisol, a hormone which is responsible for stress.

• Not a competition

It’s tough not comparing yourself to others back to school as we have the preoccupation with perfection. If we are more focused toward our achievements and accomplishments, then we can improve and raise our bar. Focusing on oneself certainly helps to get higher improvements. Utilize this exam tips for other challenges too.

By comparing yourself to others you get obsessed with the deficiencies you have and lower your self-esteem. This way you will not focus on the areas where you excel and you feel bad about yourself. Set goals for yourself that will help you to grow your confidence and opinion for yourself.

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