Lack Of Space? Don’t Worry Buy Igloo FRF110 Upright Freezer

Sometimes we have lack of space in our home or garage. In this type of situation, we need an upright freezer with compact size. Which will be a best upright freezer for garage and home with less space. Compact size freezers are easy to fit in very small spaces. So if you are also facing this problem in your home then the Igloo FRF110 will be the best upright freezer for you. Here today we are going to talk about the Igloo FRF110 freezer. This is one of the most important reviews in our upright freezer reviews.

Igloo FRF110 upright freezer has the dimension of D18.2, W 20.3 and H 20.5 Inches having a weight of 35 lbs. Only 1.1 cu.ft. capacity. It is a vertical freezer having full-width shelves. Defrosting in this freezer is manual. It also has the reversible door and adjustable temperature control in it.

If you want a small freezer, which saves floor space for you then Igloo FRF110 is the best option for you. 1.1 cu.ft. capacity is less but if you want a small freezer then you have to compromise a little with the capacity. It is easy to use freezer with temperature controls. Other than small storage areas, you can also use it for outdoor events. You can carry it along with you to a picnic or a beach party. Drawbacks of this small-sized freezer are that it is too light in weight. There is a risk of being fall due to some pushes. So sometimes you have to put some weight on it to keep it stand. And another drawback is the capacity. As we said earlier you have to compromise for capacity if you want a small sized freezer.

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