Slime is an unusual substance with a slippery, gooey texture that is produced by certain animals to fend off predators or fight disease — but it’s also a lot of fun to make!

Wengie’s one-ingredient slime!
1 .Press out some Handwash into a little dish. Around 1 to 2 snappy crushes will be sufficient for the time being. You can utilize pretty much any kind of Handwash you need, yet a thick, white Handwash appears to work the best for generally people.
2 .Include some toothpaste. Use about 33% of the measure of toothpaste as you handwashed. You can utilize any kind of toothpaste. Obscure toothpaste is by all accounts the most prevalent for sludge, however the gel kind functions admirably for this project.
3 .Blend until consolidated. You can do this with a toothpick, a popsicle stick, or a little spoon. Continue blending until the point when the shading and surface are even. Try not to stress in the event that it doesn’t look like sludge yet.
4 .Include a squeeze of salt and blend once more. Continue blending until the Handwash, toothpaste, and salt meet up into a sludge. This will take about a moment or somewhere in the vicinity. Your blend may begin to look more ooze like by now.
5 .Include only the consistency as you keep on stirring. Continue including a tad of Handwash, toothpaste, and salt while mixing the ooze. It is prepared when it begins to pull far from the sides of the container.
6 .Play with the ooze. This ooze is thick and to some degree cushy. In the event that you can squish it, work it, and extend it. When you would prefer not to play with it any longer, place it into a little, plastic compartment with a top. Sooner or later, the sludge will dry out. At the point when that happens, hurl it out and throw together another cluster.
Here you have your no-glue, no borax slime ready!

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