Online Poker is better than Land Based Poker

Online poker took off in 2003, when Chris Money Maker became the first person to win the World Series Poker and earned millions of cash. Although it sounds surprising, gambling industry is the biggest revenue generators among all industries. Among the other forms of judi online, online poker has exploded in terms of its market presence and popularity. Although poker played in two forms online and as well as offline, many people enjoy the experience of playing online poker.

Why Online Poker is more exciting than Poker played in land based Casinos
Online poker is the biggest hit in the gambling industry and it has turned out to be the source of income for many players. The ease of playing online makes it more popular. Some of the reason for its popularity are
• Wide array of games – With situs poker online, you have multiple choices of games to play with like the poker online, kiu kick online, ceme online, capsa susun online and many more. So players will not get bored easily. In addition, they can play games that suits their skills. Internet offers every type of poker game unimaginable. When the game selection is limited, you will have only limited opportunities to win the game and grab the jackpot. However, with internet poker, you have plenty of options.

• Lower Rake: agen poker online offer low rakes when compared to the conventional mortar and brick casinos. Since the online poker rooms need not spend money on infrastructure unlike live casinos, they could offer low rakes and also the transaction are excellent.
Summing it up
The main attraction of online poker is, the welcome bonus for the new customers which is a rare factor with the land based casinos. When money inflow is more, you can play more poker and have unlimited fun.

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