Pranks and Hacks- to lead an easier life

pranks are usually mischievous tricks or practical jokes played on someone. It usually puts the victim in an embarrassing situation or confusion or discomfort. Now this practical jokes do not cause much harm to people, it is just a light hearted fun and for laughs unlike hoaxes or bogus calls that can at times take something valuable from you. They do not have a lasting impact on the victim. It just tries to make the victim feel foolish. It does not really victimize or humiliate a person. Pranks are designed to encourage laughter and happiness. In fact they are usually welcome in our otherwise mundane lives.

You would find lot of TV programs or YouTube stars who happen to support pranks and have innumerable ideas to provide. The most popular ones are by Wengie, a current YouTube sensation who uploads videos on various topics. If you are planning on a prank to pull then you must visit her channel once and get some more ideas. It will give you more ideas and ways to improve your pranks and make it successful. After all you don’t want a prank gone wrong to haunt you for days or if you are pulling a prank outdoors you don’t want to get beaten up if it goes wrong. A prank sure can encourage laughter but a successful prank will cause much laughter.

Pranks and hacks make sure that you get through your days easily. At times they make sure that they make your day. Pranks are more or less jokes whereas hacks are alternatives or small tasks that can change the ways you use an object or improve the life of the object by following certain changes. So hacks basically make sure that you lead an easier life with slight changes in your routine.

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