Technology Will Help More to Military Sector Rather Than Civilian Sector

Purpose of arms and ammunition
Arms and ammunition have been in use for many years for various purposes such as fighting wars, police authorities, security services, military training, hunting, sports, crimes and terrorist activities. Ammunition has great use in demolishing old structures and huge rocks to build new structure and to develop new lands for inhabitation. Thus, small arms ammunition to big dynamite like explosives find their use in multiple applications which are useful for the mankind.

Present and future use in civil sector
The arms and ammunition industry has scope of ample growth in future because of massive demand of ammunition in civilian as well as military sectors. The developing technology has enough potential to add benefits to the use of high-end weapons. Small arm weapons are good in its present form for their future use because its purpose is not going to extend in any case. The present purpose of small arms ammunition is to target a subject with a projectile over a certain distance for particular segments of many small users and its possible variation will be based on their future demand. Hunters have the purpose to use it for accuracy and killing with a single shot. Target shooters also need it for accuracy to compete in professional sports and competitions. Police would always be interested mostly in weapons of non-lethal nature because their purpose is to disperse the mob but not to kill people and rubber bullets can serve this purpose. Thus, their present form will need little modification to cover a bigger crowd. Most purposes can be fulfilled by AR 15 range of weapons. Companies offer ak 47 for sale to specified groups and these are mostly hardcore criminals and terrorists.
Military sector weapons
Military sector has extending demand because their range is extending and their need is for more advanced weapons in the future. The developing manufacturing technology is, therefore, more helpful to the military sector through their future innovations.

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