Virtual Office- Office which is present only in cyberspace

The concept of Virtual office helps an organization or individual owner to enhance his corporate image without too much expense on the physical office. These offices are generally used by small business and independent contractors. Virtual office is used for following reasons:

• For establishing image by showing presence of registered office in a prestigious location, which would have otherwise cost lots of expense?
• Virtual office also helps in providing access to services and facilities which otherwise won’t be possible for small business.
• These offices help small business in establishing boundaries between working life and social life.
The most important benefit provided by these offices is that without involving too many expenses these offices provide business with telephone number as well as mailing address. This information can further be used to maintain communication with employees as well as clients. Moreover business owner can use these address and phone number on their business cards, company’s advertisements, etc.
In traditional office concept, business owner spend lots of money in the maintenance of physical office. Moreover these maintenance issue causes hindrance in the functioning of office. On the other side in virtual office concept there is no scope for such expenses, as a result business saves lots of money.
The concept of virtual office is getting popular day by day. One of the major reasons behind the success of this concept is that it gives employee benefit of working from the place of their own choice. This working from home concept further results in judging employees on basis of their work.
It is said that virtual offices work only through email, telephone, audio and video conferencing. These offices use other facilities on the basis of pay-as-you-go. This means that if virtual office needs to conduct meeting with its clients or employees they can hire conference room for a period of time as per their requirement.
Virtual office is a concept which is based on technology and is win win situation for both employee, owner as well as virtual office service provider.

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