What is the main attraction of the Starbucks (星巴克)?

The main attraction of the Starbucks (星巴克) is that that serve to facilitate the customers and their services are customer oriented. They are offering the special services to the customers regarding the billing procedure. Now a day there is no necessary need of cash in hand for the shopping from the Starbucks (星巴克). They are giving the straightforward options like paying from the credit cardor the online shopping in which the bill is paid simply from the phones.

They are also giving the customers the facility of the home delivery through which the order is made through the call or by using the online website and the requested drinks or the food is delivered at the given address within the allotted time. The food and the beverages that are delivered are fresh and healthy. The quality and the taste of the delivered food and drinks is always the same as was promised by the workers. The Coffee shop (咖啡廳)provides the comfortable and relaxing environment to the clients so they can sit in stress-free and calm surrounding and enjoy the coffee with the rich taste and aroma to its maximum capacity.

The interiors of the coffee shops are made of different styles and colors depending upon the type of the customers that most frequently visit the shop like sober colors and shades for the shop that are mostly visited by the businessmen, families or elderly people. For the shops that have a majority of students or teenage customers usually prefer dark and daring colors and shade interior. To make the environment more relaxed the soft music system is also installed in these coffee shops so the one can enjoy the music while drinking coffee (咖啡).

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