Why is being a domestic helper not an easy thing to do?

Being a domestic helper is not an easy thing to do. One has to toil around all day and all night to earn a better living for him and the family. The main aim of a domestic worker is to perform all the tasks assigned to him in a perfect and skillful way so that the employer does not have any complaints. Many times a foreign domestic helper is available for the job. This is because of the fact that the people migrate to the other areas or other countries to earn a better living. For this purpose, they are offered jobs as domestic workers, which they perform quite well. The main aim is to get stable in the foreign land.

The HL&C (HL&C Employment Agency Ltd) agency helps such people and understands their need and requirement of having a job. That is why they consult many of the families and help the workers to find employment. Working as a maid and even nursing the patients is the duty of a domestic worker. Moreover, sometimes the family heirs child domestic workers for their ease and give them wages. This concept and practice has been increased in the countries but is strictly condemned by the NGO’s and organizations working against the child labor.
The rural-urban pull is the main reason for the increase in the foreign domestic workers. The urban areas are very much attractive to the people living in the rural areas, which are why the people transfer to the city. But all that glitters is not gold and thus people come to know that it is very difficult especially for the rural people to live in the modern and innovative city. The maid employment agency helps such people and gets then jobs and the houses and offices. This decreases the unemployment rate as well as the poverty rate.

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