Why some companies still advertise traditionally

It should be known that nothing can take the place of traditional way of advertising; at least within the locality of where the company is located, they have no option but to advertise around that area. The location of a company and the customer base it has determines its strength. Yes! It is true that even within the locality, you can submit an advertisement for the Avito (подать объявление на авито) and it will be effective but this does not work in every kind of society. There is still a need for local adverts like banners and fliers in some places. It should be noted that the purpose of placing advert is to promote a service, product or should it be called a brand. This is different form just making an announcement, for the purpose of this announcement or publicity done with advert is for the company to make more money.

Before going online to check the rules used by your advertisement team, to see if it is right or wrong. The best people to validate the correctness of an advert is your marketing team or sales team depending on your company. For companies that use the SAP software as their enterprise system software, they prefer to call it sales group. These people are the best to validate your advert, because they seem to know or interact with the customers a lot than the senior managers. Before you submit an advertisement (подать объявление) whether to a blogger or to an online directory, it should be noted by your team. The success of any enterprise does not just rest on the shoulders of the senior managers but on the collective effort of the team to see the dream of the company come true in all ways. With the combination of this and a good advert, your company will reach the world.

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