Win Real Prizes And Money While Playing Random Runner In Real Mode

Now if you have played the Random Runner in fun mode, you may want to play it in the real mode. As we told earlier that this game has two modes to choose for playing. First one is the Fun mode and the other one is the real mode. They are just opposite to each other. As we explained earlier that the fun mode is fake money mode in which you bet on the fake money and win the fake money.

But the real mode is just opposite to it. As its name explains itself you can easily understand that what is the real mode. Real mode in the Random Runner is the mode where you will get chance to earn the money and the prizes. One of the most important thing about the real mode is that people think that there is a risk of losing money and all. But let us make it clear, here in the real mode you will surely have a risk of losing money but along with it you will also have a chance to win the real money and the prizes. So basically in Random Runner there are two playing modes.

Among that one is the real and the other is the fun mode. People those just started or going to start playing this game, always ask that which mode is best. Then the straight answer to this question is that neither the fun nor the real mode is best. Yes both of these modes can be better than each other in certain circumstances but that doesn’t mean that one is best and the other is not even good. No, they both are important and useful and they are best also. Actually there are two types of players, one type of players are new ones. Those are just going to start playing it for first time. These type of players want to experience the game without any fear. And for them the fun mode is the best. But there are also the players those want to make money or win prizes, because they are playing this game for year. And for these type of players the Real mode is the best one.

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